Sacrificial Chair Alternatives

We are all to blame.

That poor, lonely chair in the corner of our bedroom, always carrying the burden of our not-so-dirty clothes on its frame.  Today, we explore some alternative options for that infamous bedroom sacrificial chair and finally let it live out its destiny, amongst its friends around the round table.

Option 1

A great and functional replacement is the ever popular leaning ladder. Not only is it a GREAT option in terms of design it also takes up very little space. Placing one of these on a wall in your bedroom will keep it organized and stylish! 



Remember that Seinfeld episode when Jerry hires a designer to re-do his closet? She proposes to replace all hangers and shelves with hooks!...Kinda like that, but not exactly. We propose to remove your sacrificial chair and replace it with these stylish options. 

Option 3

Why shy away from the classic!  The clothing rack is a great way to store vertically and has come a long way in terms of the design.

Option 4

Our favourite and most clever suggestion is the Sacrificial Chair by Thing Industry. This cheeky little chair will do a better job than your 'ex' chair, while bringing a smile to anyone that passes by. Also, set it at the table and offer the spot to your mother in law visiting for the holidays. JK, not really, but ya. 

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Haus Tips: Styling tricks for your short term rental!

A post by: Kate Aubrey-Dunn

You can enhance your space with the power of styling!

Many people view styling as an extra when it comes to the presentation of a property.  In actual fact, these finishing touches can completely transform a space from something that is nice to a space that is unique and outstanding.

There are many ways to uniquely style a property in a way that won’t cost the earth and will help your listing stand out.  As for what style you should use, the best way is to know your demographic.

For example many Brooklynites visit the Hudson Valley and the Catskills, in general this demographic prefers mid-century design with antiques and vintage touches.

An older demographic may not be quite as interested in that, and may prefer a more classic comfortable surrounding.

Here are a few simple tips to bring “Hygge”  into your space.


Textile choice : Don’t skimp on the textiles you choose!

By purchasing quality plush duvets and large throw pillows, this adds instant cozy and luxury to any bedroom. ( I strongly advise against going the polyester route )  It doesn’t matter if you have a luxury or rustic space, what guest doesn’t appreciate a great towel!  Purchasing towels that are large enough to wrap around yourself feel luxurious and is important to most guests.


Lighting : The biggest mood killer can be bad lighting!

The use of lamps, floor lamps or even a feature light is always a great idea to bring softness into your space.


Indoor Plants : Strategically placed indoor plants are always inviting.

They bring a little bit of the outdoors in and create lush green organic shapes which is always nice on the eye.


Art choice:Earth without ART is just Eh!

By carefully choosing a few key pieces of appropriate art that compliment your space, this can add instant interest and edge to any property.  See our archived post on choosing artwork here.

Screen Shot 2017-11-16 at 12.57.11 PM.png

The Kitchen:A simple stylish curated kitchen with just what your guests need

 A quality chopping board and a few beautiful serving dishes can make the world of difference to a guest when whipping up a storm in the kitchen with friends and family.


A portable set of speakers: keep the good times rolling

Whatever space your guests choose to chill out in the music can follow.  Add pieces like a bluetooth speaker or a record player complete with records by local bands.


These small choices can really affect the tactile and sensory experience a guest can have during a stay in your accommodation. 

These tips will make a huge difference in the way your property photographs and presents itself, making it more enticing online for guests to choose your property over others.

If you want to see the power of what design and styling can do without lifting a finger ,

Call Fulhaus !

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Haus Breakdown: The Ups and Downs of Wallpaper...

Growing up, my parents loved a good floral wallpaper, it was a thing.  But, a 'good' floral wallpaper in the 90s was hard to come by.  That and wood paneling, but thats for another blog post.

Today, like wire framed glasses, Patagonia fleece and every movie reboot, wallpaper has also made a comeback.  For some, wallpaper hasn't gone far, but has certainly come a long way from the kitsch cow boarders and faux ivy stencilled paper.  

We at Fulhaus are onboard.  We love a good print and never shy away from bold patterns.  Some of you may still be thinking that wallpaper is dated and to that I say; 'Nonsense poopy pants!'

For us there are two main factors to think about when deciding on wallpaper; Covering the whole space? Or a feature wall?

If you follow us on Instagram or Facebook you know by now that the brighter, the bolder the better.  Naturally, we would cover an entire space... Here are some examples of how to do it properly:

Now, some may not want to commit to a full room of paper, which we get as it is a big commitment.  If you're also someone who changes their mind and space often, maybe a feature wall is best!  See below for a few more references.


While I realize this blog post is starting to drag on I would feel neglectful to leave out this last wallpaper trend.  As we mentioned above wallpaper has come a long way with patterns and designer collaborations, but a new wallpaper trend making its rounds is the mural.  We're not saying to get your graduation portrait blown up and pasted on a feature wall, think something a little more subtle, like these curated photos we chose for you:

Thats the wallpaper roundup.  If you tackle a wallpaper project please tag us on social, we love seeing what our followers are up to creatively!

IG: @fulhausinc     FB: Fulhaus Inc.     

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Look to Art to Set the Tone in your Airbnb!

Calling All Art lovers!

When designing a new space it is always a good idea to have a jumping off point. Some designers are drawn to materials and textures, while others are drawn to colour and form.



We at Fülhaus would like to encourage our readers to explore beginning with a statement piece of art when it's time to design a new space. Matching a couch to artwork has long been considered a faux pas, however, we at Fülhaus believe that rules are made to be broken! So let's put those dinosaur decrees aside and get inspired!


STEP 1: the jumping off point

When choosing your "IT" piece, make sure it brings you JOY while keeping in mind that it should be big enough or bold enough to carry the weight of the space on its shoulders. By letting your artwork lead, the mood will evolve naturally, and the art will work as a sounding board for all of your design choices. See below.

For this exercise, we have chosen to use this gorgeous photograph by Julia Hetta as an example:

julia hetta.jpg

Above, bold and soft yellow hues are present in the foreground while the background feels velvety and worn. Below is framed with exotic red and a touch of ice blue tops her head as a beautiful contrast. The photograph has mostly soft lines, save for the black bob. 

STEP 2: pulling a colour palette

Once you have established the mood and colour palette, try to fill in the space, beginning with the biggest items, and working your way to the smallest accessories. Look for elements that will compliment the art rather than compete with it.

STEP 3: let the art choose

the furniture for you.

Try to find key items that share the same mood as your jumping off point. Bear in mind, that there are no wrong answers. 

STEP 4: Don't overthink it! 

Art in Airbnb.jpg


The result is a colourful and eclectic design that was sourced with a lot of thought and a lot of heART


What if one piece of art isn't enough?

If you like a lot of art in a space, there is no reason not to work that into your next design. A black and white photograph, a large mirror or a beautiful tapestry are always a great addition to a space designed around a statement art piece. 

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