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020-6560 Avenue de l'Esplanade
Montréal, QC, H2V 4L5


Fülhaus Inc. Specializing in Hospitality, Commercial and Residential Design.

We offer products we find and love online and in studio. 


Interior Design. Specializing in Hospitality, Commercial and Residential Design.


Fülhaus is an Interior Design firm with an agenda to use and reuse objects and materials in previously inconceivable ways. We strive to design interiors that will adapt and evolve alongside our clients and their environment. Fülhaus explores the removal of barriers - focusing on design quality, economics and systems of delivery for creating Interior Design as a product, rather than simply a service.

Fülhaus offers an intimate, inclusive Design experience. We want your dream home to reflect your personality and style. We want every nook- every hallway to reflect you. From the initial consultation, to the final reveal- We are here, handling every step of the Design process.