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020-6560 Avenue de l'Esplanade
Montréal, QC, H2V 4L5


Fülhaus Inc. Specializing in Hospitality, Commercial and Residential Design.

We offer products we find and love online and in studio. 


Interior Design. Specializing in Hospitality, Commercial and Residential Design.


Step 1: Tell us about your space No floor plan? No problem. Fülhaus will send over a surveyor to assess your space and take all necessary measurements to address your design needs.


Step 2: Pick your designer ... or Not

We know you have taste, but we also know you don’t have time. Pick from one of our featured designers who will design your space on your budget. But if that’s all too much fuss, no worries. We know exactly who will best design your spaceaccording to your brand and budget. You will have the opportunity to personally discuss your big vision with the selected designer and finalize the budget and item list.


Step 3: Delivery and Installation

Once we know what’s up, everything that is going into your space gets packaged at Fülhaus HQ and shipped to your door. From there, our no-BS install team will un-package, assemble and place all of the furnishings you’ve ordered in their perfect place.

Timeline – 3 weeks

Rush – 2 weeks

Don’t need the whole shebang? Fülhaus can also do a revamp of your space for a fraction of the design fee. Find out more