Haus tips: How to make your Airbnb or vacation rental stand out

Here at Fülhaus, we've spent years researching and designing Airbnbs and vacation rentals across North America. In doing so, we constantly have to think outside the box to discover new ways to attract guests and set our customers apart from the rest. It's a competitive market and interior design is a sure way to stand out and increase your rental prices. 

Here are five of our best tips and tricks to get your Airbnb or vacation rental unit to stand out amidst a sea of alternative accommodation:

1. Think like a Guest: Interactive Interior Design

art & culture 2.jpg

Today's Airbnb guest has a multitude of options and amenities at their disposal. The highest grossing Airbnbs are usually those that have an interactive element to their apartment or vacation rental. For example, a pool table or a vinyl collection. It's important to think of how a guest will use the space, and give them plenty of things to do at home. Believe it or not, travellers don't care so much about a TV (That's not to say you should ditch your flatscreen). Give guests plenty of opportunities to entertain themselves rain or shine!

2. Don't shy away from colour and Paint

While many hosts like to think a clean white space is appealing to the eye, the truth is, unless you have spectacular windows, white walls can look sterile.  A little paint goes a long way to help your space feel more complete. In this unit, we painted five feet up the wall with a dark blue which makes the perfect contrast for our custom neon sign "MotelScape". Painting a room or a wall can also help fill a space that otherwise feels bare. Give your Airbnb the love it deserves with an accent wall or, even better, wallpaper! 

3. Don't skimp on the details: Accessorize!

Guests are booking alternative accommodation so that they can feel at home, otherwise they would book a hotel. Unless you are a minimalist, chances are your home is full of accessories and collectibles that make it unique. We constantly find ourselves convincing clients not to skimp out on artwork and decorative items (which they tend to feel are superfluous). Without accessories and artwork, your Airbnb or vacation rental falls flat. Pillows, books, and tabletop accessories are what make your Airbnb or rental unit a home. 

4. Professional Photos and Staging

Photos are all you have to sell your space as a premium designed Airbnb or vacation rental. While your SLR camera can definitely take great photos, unless you're a photographer (and more importantly and interior photographer), you probably wouldn't see the best angles and frames a pro would. Take it from us, find a good photographer and let them work their magic. Where you can make a difference in the shot is with staging. Add some plants and strategically place a throw or a bag on a hook. These details will make your photos look that much more appealing. 

5. Too much to think about? Hire a pro 

It's not easy to think about furnishing your airbnb or vacation rental AND manage it. Hit us up! Fülhaus can help take the guesswork out of your Airbnb and vacation rental design. Design is ever-changing and we'll help you stay on trend. Hassle-free turnkey design and apartment furnishing is just an email away. Whether you're expanding your inventory of units, or need help working with what you have, we've seen it all and can get your occupancy or rental rates up in no time.